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The Most Affordable Online Accounting Programs 2022

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In pursuing bachelor’s degrees in accounting students are taught the fundamental methods in the areas of tax planning, accounting, and financial analysis in order to be eligible for entry-level positions working in this field. A majority of accountants pursue master’s level studies that allow them to be certified public accountants (CPA) certifications.

Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) auditors and accountants earned an average salary of $73,560 in May 2020. Accounting professionals enjoy the flexibility and job security in a range of different sectors.

This page highlights five of the least expensive online accounting degrees available for 2022. It’s a great beginning point for potential accounting students. Students can also learn about degree requirements, and career opportunities as well as tips on selecting the right degree.

How Is Accounting?

The idea of tracking transactions in business dates back to 2000-3,300 B.C., as evidenced by clay tablets discovered from the time. It was during the Industrial Revolution that saw the development of modern, professional accounting companies. The advancement of technology continues to push this industry into the future.

In the year 2020, the BLS recorded 1,392,200 accountant and auditor jobs across the United States, projecting employment in the field to rise by 7% between 2020 and 2030. This is consistent with the overall growth forecast for all professions.

By 2020, the biggest accounting industries were accounting bookkeeping, tax preparation and payroll services, the finance, insurance, and government sectors; the management of enterprises and companies.

Accountants keep the financial records of organizations as well as individuals. They manage the tax preparation process and ensure that their clients follow the regulations that are required. Accounting professionals should possess excellent analytical, communicative, and math skills and a keen sense of detail. With a bachelor’s degree in accounting, students will be able to improve their skills and prepare for a variety of roles on the job.

A bachelor’s degree typically is the minimum requirement for education for entry-level positions within accounting. Certain companies offer advancement opportunities for graduates of bachelor’s degrees. Some require further education beyond the undergraduate degree.

Why should you get the Affordable Online Accounting degree?

Online accounting degrees allow students to get a job in a booming market. Accounting professionals have a variety of options regarding the area, business size, and industry.

Accounting students should think about their professional goals prior to making the decision to pursue an online accounting degree. Students may want to think about whether the curriculum is focused on CPA proficiency or provides fascinating specializations. An entry-level requirement in the job market having a bachelor’s degree in accounting can lead to success.

The accounting industry is typically paid higher than average salaries, however, students are still looking for affordable degree choices. The advantages of choosing an inexpensive online accounting course include the following:

  • check icon Advanced Education A lot of employers require accountants have CPA certification. Particulars for each location are different However, the majority of states will require CPAs to earn more than the standard 120 college credits needed to earn an undergraduate degree which makes the need for further education essential for future CPAs.
  • check icon A faster return on Investment Affordable degrees permit graduates to make back the amount they paid for tuition faster. If it’s about paying off loans or even avoiding them altogether having an affordable degree will help reduce the amount of debt.
  • check icon Qualitative: Online degrees typically have the same quality and prestige as their on-campus equivalents. A reasonable degree can help build a solid accounting base and prepare graduates to be considered for jobs that are attractive.

Top Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Explore programs that appeal to you, with the highest quality standards and flexibility you’ll need for your career to reach new heights.


What can you expect from a Bachelor’s in Online Accounting Programs?

Accounting programs provide a foundational understanding of accounting theories and practices accounting, tax law auditing, financial communications as well as ethics. Most often, they are designed for those who are aspiring CPAs or other certified accounting experts, accounting degrees offer practical courses that are designed to prepare you for your career.

The typical bachelor’s degree comprises about 120 credits, which includes general education courses. Major courses comprise 30-50 credits. In general, a bachelor’s degree is four years longer to finish. The length of time varies based on the students’ academic background and the number of courses they attend during the semester. Reasonable tuition usually costs between $300 and $500 per credit hour, but prices vary between programs.

Admission Requirements

The admission conditions to be eligible for online accounting degrees can be different. The majority of programs require graduation from high school or a GED certificate. Some require the high school GPA minimums that fall within the 2.0-3.0 range.

Some programs will require that students take basic education college courses prior to applying. Students are required to keep at least a certain GPA to be eligible for the accounting major. Certain schools have requirements for ACT or scores on the SAT.

Candidates should also think about whether their educational background matches the requirements of the program. Certain online accounting programs have requirements for transfer credits, for example, the ones earned by completing the associate accounting degree or the award of a certificate for accounting. Some offer all the required coursework by way of online studies. The most common prerequisites are accounting I and II, an introduction to business economics, and an introduction to business.

Prospective students can utilize their Common App to submit a single application to several schools, streamlining the application process.

Choices for Concentration and Degree

There are a variety of programs that provide online accounting degree programs. Students should think about the type of career they wish to pursue when selecting the appropriate type of program. Some common choices are:

A Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting

A BS in accounting gives you a thorough understanding of tax analysis, financial analysis preparation and auditing. The students can specialize in areas such as

Forensic accounting

. Other career options comprise public accounting,

fraud examination

Internal and external auditing, and management accounting.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in Accounting:

The BBA offers a broad business fundamental, as well as accounting expertise. The course covers economics, business law, and statistics. Similar to the BS BBA, the BBA can lead to many possibilities.

accounting careers

. If you have a broad experience in business, graduates can gain more flexibility and progression possibilities.

Master of Arts in Business Administration:

BABA BABA helps students prepare for leadership roles and also provides an emphasis on liberal arts. Accounting students who are aspiring to be qualified for

Managerial posts

You could choose the degree to study a core business course that includes classes in international operations and business management.

Popular Accounting Courses

The common online accounting degree program will require the following core accounting classes that focus on fundamental accounting fundamentals such as financial analysis, reports,s, and tax information. A majority of programs permit students to investigate their interest areas by taking electives.

Certain schools require students to do a capstone activity that involves hands-on work towards the end of their curriculum. Courses that are required in accounting typically comprise:

  • chevron-right icon Intermediate Accounting This class builds upon accounting concepts. Topics include fundamental topics like financial statement concepts, income and measurement of value in accounting standards for balance sheets, and reporting and analysis of statements. The majority of programs need the intermediate accounting I as well as II.
  • chevron-right icon Federal Taxation The federal tax code includes U.S. tax laws and the Internal Revenue Code, familiarizing students with tax forms and documents and concepts for income determination as well as tax liability standards for businesses and individuals and the process of making decisions related to taxation.
  • chevron-right icon Auditing The HTML1 requirement that is required for accounting majors covers financial compliance and auditing electronic data processing and methods for communicating audit findings to employers. Students are also taught to utilize auditing software and create systems to audit their businesses which includes the testing methods.
  • chevron-right icon government and non-profit accounting: Sometimes offered as an elective, this class covers accounting principles and procedures that are unique to local and state governments as well as universities and colleges as well as healthcare facilities, and other non-profit entities. Topics covered include the application of special funds and tax obligations accounting and financial statements, reporting, as well as budgets.
  • chevron-right icon Accounting Ethics This class focuses on ethics-based decisions in accounting matters. The topic is viewed that are societal, political as well as technological perspectives. The course examines diversity, legal as well as other environmental aspects.

How Much Do Online Accounting Bachelor’s Courses Cost?

The latest “great overhaul” has seen large numbers of professionals making career shifts which have created plenty of opportunities for budding accounting professionals. When you are comparing online accounting programs What factors should people take into consideration?

As with all consumers, an informed student must be aware of the benefits offered by each program. The costs for accounting degrees vary from $38,496 to $60,593. School size, length of the program as well as career resources accreditation status, and success rates in the workplace all impact the cost of the program.

Learners may seek tuition reimbursement as well as other financial aid in order to cut the expense of the accounting program. Remember that a higher level of education can be a significant investment for professional development and growth, the most affordable online accounting degree isn’t necessarily the best option.

Based on their preferences, students can choose to attend classes either full or part-time. The online accounting programs usually allow students to modify their classes’ schedules, which can help promote the balance between work and life. Accelerated programs allow students to finish their education in a shorter period of time.

Students who are considering a school should consider whether a school has accreditation. Only nationally and regionally accredited schools can be admissible to Federal financial assistance. Free tuition online accounting diplomas are possible with Title IV funding.


Making Accounting Degrees Affordable and More Affordable

Students seeking low-cost online accounting degrees could profit from a variety of cost-saving strategies. The style of delivery and the size of the school are often factors that influence the cost of tuition. The following list of suggestions offers strategies students can employ to help make their accounting studies less expensive.

Online as opposed to. Traditional Delivery

Some institutions offer tuition costs to students who pursue online degrees, often matching state rates for out-of-state students. Distance education can cut down on costs that are associated with being on campus or making a commute. Students are able to continue working while studying for their degrees, and can even acquire accounting knowledge in the process.

Financial Aid Opportunities

Accounting students can dramatically reduce the costs of their education by taking advantage of financial aid options such as grants, scholarships, and loans. Through complete, the FAFSA student can gain access to the doors to work-study programs or low-interest loans as well as need-based aid. Professional associations, non-profit groups, and local government agencies often offer scholarships.

Institutional Prestige

The reputation of an institution can influence the selection process for schools, however, highly regarded programs typically have higher costs. Accountants who want to become accountants must consider whether their goals for the future require the completion of a degree from an elite school. People who are looking to take on positions as executives in highly competitive, large-scale environments could reap a higher return on their investment by attending higher-end institutions.

Book Rentals

Students are often able to avoid purchasing expensive textbooks and books outright. Bookshops on the internet such as Amazon offer rental of textbooks programs that let students borrow books at a lower cost. Libraries and e-books can help cut down on the price of books and other materials.

Credit Loading

If a college charges tuition by semester, rather than per credit, students are able to add on classes. This can speed up the pace of the program and reduces overall tuition costs and allow students to graduate faster. Before making this choice students must determine if their schedules are able to handle the added workload.

Do I have the chance to earn my Accounting Bachelor’s Degree pay off?

An accounting bachelor’s degree will increase the chances of employment and prepare graduates for jobs across a range of occupations and industries. The BLS provides a median wage of $73,560, for accountants.

The BLS predicts that the demand for accounting professionals to increase by 7 percent between 2020 and 2030 in line with the average national growth forecast of the majority of U.S. workers.

Accounting jobs that require the completion of a 4-year degree include budget analyst, cost estimate financial analyst, and tax examiner. Four-year accounting graduates are also able to take on jobs in criminal accounting. Forensic accountants cooperate with law enforcement officials to investigate tax fraud and embezzlement cases.

To calculate a degree’s Return on Investment (ROI) First, calculate the earnings before subtracting program expenses. Apart from tuition, educational expenses include the cost of books, materials accommodations, accommodation, and charges for loan repayment. Take these expenses out of income to calculate a degree’s ROI.

Accounting programs that have higher rates of student placement will yield higher ROI than programs that have lower rates of employment. Although it may take years to achieve ROI, studies suggest that the growing demand worldwide for accountants will last in the near future.

Job opportunities for Accounting Bachelor’s Degree graduates

Accounting degree holders are qualified for jobs in a wide range of workplaces. The graduates can go on to work in the field of public accountants, auditors, tax experts as well as personal financial advisors.

As per the BLS accounting professionals and auditors earned an annual median pay of $73,560 by 2020. Financial advisors who are personally made an average median salary in the range of $89,330. Accounting skills are crucial for professional careers. Professions are often promoted to highly-paying managerial positions. For instance, chief executives have earned an average median pay of $107,680 by 2020.

Accountants can broaden their opportunities in the field by obtaining their accounting master’s degree and seeking professional credentials such as a CPA and an accredited management accountant.

Accounting for Taxes folder-open icon

Employed by companies, public bodies, and even people, tax accountants draft and file tax forms on behalf of their clientele. They examine financial records and assist clients to enhance their financial management. Tax accountants must have at least a bachelor’s degree at the minimum, however, some employers prefer having a master’s degree and CPA qualifications.

Required Education Bachelor’s degree

Average Annual Salary (April 2022): $57,950

Source: Payscale

Personal Financial Advisor credit-card icon

Directly working with individuals as self-employed accountants or as members of a larger company Personal financial advisors aid clients arrange their financial assets. They provide recommendations to assist clients in meeting their financial goals, including retirement savings and savings for college. Personal financial advisors also facilitate estate planning.

Required Education Bachelor’s degree

Jobs Outlook (2020-30): +5 percent

Median Annual Salary: $89,330

Source: BLS

Budget Analyst presentation-chart-line icon

Most often employed in sectors such as education, government, and professional technical, scientific, and other solutions, analysts of budgets manage the finances of their clients. They review income and expenses as well as work with managers to create suitable budgets for their businesses. Budget analysts also keep track of the cash flow of their organizations and offer suggestions for budget reductions.

Required Education Bachelor’s degree

Jobs Outlook (2020-30): +5 percent

Median Annual Salary: $78,970

Source: BLS

Internal Auditor clipboard-check icon

Internal auditors scrutinize their companies’ operations and financial transactions with a keen eye, looking for any irregularities and misusing of funds. They look for fraud actions, recommend savings measures, and make sure that their businesses comply with guidelines for financial management and proper control measures. Internal auditors are able to obtain professional credentials such as an internal auditor certification or certification in the field of risk assurance.

Required Education Bachelor’s degree

Average Annual Salary (April 2022): $60,410

Source: Payscale

The Top Executive currency-dollar icon

In charge of their organization’s general strategies, the top executives collaborate with managers to establish goals, establish plans, and manage the major projects. They oversee financial operations, often reporting to the Board of Directors. Accounting professionals interested in executive management could study for a master’s degree, like the master of business administration. master in administrative business.

Required Education Bachelor’s degree

Jobs Outlook (2020-30): +8 percent

Median Annual Salary: $107,680

Source: BLS

Finding the Most affordable Accounting Online program

It is important to consider affordability when looking to find the best online accounting degree however, students should also take into consideration accreditation, program set-up, and resources from the university.

Candidates must verify each institution’s status as accredited. Accreditation is based on national and regional schools in general. Accreditation for programs is only applicable to specific programs. CPA licenses require a degree from an institution that is accredited regionally. A lot of master’s programs do not accept credits obtained through non-accredited programs.

Students who are interested in becoming accounting professionals must also think about whether they’d like to pursue specializations, such as criminal accounting. Some students opt for online accounting degrees that directly connect to master’s studies.

For many students who are considering a degree in universities, resources for students and extracurricular options are significant aspects in the process of deciding. Distance must be considered when deciding how programs incorporate online students into the schools and the culture. The existence of online events, clubs, and professional organizations chapters could attract some students also.

Students may also inquire about services such as the career center, tutoring department as well as library services.

Why You Should Earn an Accounting Bachelor’s degree online

Online education is becoming more popular each year as colleges recognize the increasing demand for distance education, which makes higher education less expensive and accessible. Online degree options could help future accountants get right into their studies, even though the consequences of the COVID-19 virus persist.

Online courses require the same attention and focus that in-person classes require. Students should think about their self-motivation and time management abilities prior to making the decision to enroll in an online course. Some students prefer the excitement of campus activities, whereas others can do their best in the comfort of their homes.

Students who are seeking degrees with work, caretaking responsibility, or financial restrictions are likely to appreciate the ease of access offered by online education.


2022’s Cheapest Online Accounting Degrees

The process of selecting a low-cost bachelor’s degree in accounting is lengthy and effort. This list makes it easier by highlighting the five best programs.

Our scoring methodology considers the affordability of the program, academic rigor as well as a school’s standing. Learn more about each program’s requirements and our methodological approach here.

Questions Concerning Accounting Programs

What is the best subject to study for a career as an accountant?

Accounting professionals who are interested in becoming accountants typically pursue BS studies in accounting. There are other options, such as the BBA or a BABA with a focus on accounting.

Do I have the ability to earn an accounting degree online?

Yes. Similar to their counterparts in person, online accounting degrees offer different options for specialization as well as CPA preparation.

What do I have to do with an accounting degree that is in accounting?

Accounting graduates can find career options in personal financial counseling and auditing and tax accounting as well as government accounting and many other areas. Many top executives have a background in accounting and accounting, which is an ideal starting point for those who want to move up into management.

What is the cost to obtain an accounting degree online?

The costs vary, but students will find a wide range of alternatives for cheap online accounting diplomas. In general, the most affordable programs can be found between $300 and $500 per credit.

Does obtaining an online degree related to accounting online really worth anything?

An online accounting degree is given the same significance as the equivalent on campus. Indeed, many schools have the same curriculum with both formats and employ the same faculty.

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