Harbortouch Offers Reduced Contract Terms From 3 Years to 1 Year

Harbortouch changes contract terms from three years to one year in an attempt to help merchants succeed.

 Harbortouch point of sale (POS) software has helped more than 400,000 small to mid-size businesses stay organized and profitable for more than 20 years. Recently, the company unveiled that it would be shortening its contract terms to make commitment easier on small and mid-size business. Ultimately, the goal is to help more small and mid-size businesses succeed despite the economic difficulties the coronavirus pandemic is causing. 

Harbortouch has confirmed that the company will be reducing all contract terms from three-year agreements to one-year agreements. This applies to all Merchant Agreements and POS Service Agreements, effective as of July 1, 2020. Already have a Harbortouch account? This reduction in contract terms applies to you as well. Even more, the company will be removing all Early Termination Fees (ETFs) for all new and existing agreements. 

Harbortouch reviews have long been positive among merchants, but these changes are expected to put the company in even higher standing with its clients. Few companies providing POS software and other merchant services offer such flexible terms. In fact, this is expected to be a major difference amongst companies offering POS systems and end-to-end payment solutions. Nearly all of the competing companies require significantly longer contract terms and extremely costly early termination fees.

The Harbortouch company stated that this change is meant to show the company’s confidence in the value of their software and services. They are confident that long, binding contracts and costly fees aren’t required, because the software and services themselves will keep merchants returning year after year. This is also shown in the positive Harbortouch reviews clients are constantly leaving regarding the success of the POS system and merchant services. 

Harbortouch has been serving businesses for more than 20 years, and the company’s track record is impeccable. Harbortouch reviews show that customers are pleased with the affordability of the POS system and merchant services, which with other companies, are a major expense for small to midsize businesses. Harbortouch offers a ground-breaking, free POS system that truly helps businesses succeed by keeping costs low, providing unbeatable customer service, offering secure payment methods, and so much more. 

The new, reduced contract terms and elimination of ETFs are just another step the Harbortouch company is taking to aid small to midsize businesses. Such businesses are seeing this as a major assistance during the difficult times of the coronavirus pandemic. There’s no doubt businesses seeking lower POS software and merchant service costs with unbeatable service and useful tools should consider Harbortouch to reduce company overhead while increasing profits. 

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