10 Affordable Courses For International Students In B.C.

10 Affordable Courses For International Students In B.C. For students who have completed their schooling and aspire to apply for study visa in British Columbia, here are 10 affordable diploma programs.   1. Social Services Worker – Northern Lights College Duration: 2 Years The Social Services Worker Diploma prepares students to … Read more

Canada Study Visa – Know How To Draft Statement of Purpose!

One of the main reasons for study visa refusal is a weak statement of purpose. Therefore, when applying for your Canadian student visa, you must satisfy the visa officer that you are a genuine student. In addition, you need to explain your study plan and career goals and justify why … Read more

Recommendations In Favour Of International Students Made By CIMM!

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration released Differential Treatment in Recruiting and Acceptance Rates of Foreign Students in Quebec and the Rest of Canada. The committee decided to examine international students recruitment process and acceptance rates in Quebec and the rest of Canada. The examination focuses on understanding … Read more

Improved Job Prospects For International Students!

Cooperative education, commonly referred to as Co-op, combines your academic studies with practical learning through a paid work term. With Co-op, you can explore industries that best suit your interest. Additionally, you will gain valuable experience while earning your degree. Further, having practical experience will add value to your degree, … Read more

Here Are Country-Wise Study Permit Approval Rates For Canada

Have you ever wondered what were study permit approval rates in the beginning of 2022? IRCC provided this data on the request of INC – Immigration News Canada. The latest available data with IRCC on total number of study permit applications (excluding extensions) received was only available until February 28, 2022. … Read more

Here Are Province-Wise Study Permit Approval Rates In 2022!

Last week, we published Country-Wise Study Permit Approval Rates For Canada. Following which a lot of our readers reached out to see if we can compile province-wise study permit approval rates. INC – Immigration News Canada obtained this data from IRCC via ATIP. So, on the request of our readers, … Read more

Know 7 Most Affordable Cities For Students In Canada!

Renting major cities like Toronto and Vancouver is becoming difficult for many students and young professionals. However, if you want to live in a city without emptying your wallet, below is the list of the seven most affordable cities across Canada. 1. Ottawa, Ontario Average rent: $1378 Two of Canada’s … Read more