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How Can Contactless POS Systems Benefit Your Small Business? Harbortouch Experts Explain

As technology evolves, we are continually seeking new ways to simplify our daily tasks. Contactless payment systems strive to improve and streamline the purchasing process for your customers. However, contactless POS systems don’t just benefit the consumer – they also benefit your small business, says Harbortouch experts.  What Is a Contactless Payment System? Harbortouch Explains. […]

Harbortouch Discusses the Top Ways To Optimize Takeout and Delivery Orders During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Harbortouch Reviews Ways that Small Businesses Can Optimize their Delivery and Takeout Orders The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone, especially small businesses. Because many small businesses have been forced to close or reduce traffic at their physical locations in order to comply with public health regulations, many businesses are looking for ways to make up […]