Harbortouch Discusses How Contactless Systems Can Improve Your Company’s Health and Safety Policies

As the coronavirus pandemic drags on, retailers and restaurants have had to make some major adjustments to their business models to survive the inevitable shift in consumer trends. However, even as the country tries to reopen, consumers are hesitant. In a recent survey by Dataessential, 50% of people said they would still not be comfortable dining on-site even once the pandemic had improved and social distancing was pulled back. Retailers fared better, but people still indicated that they would continue to take precautions like curbside pickup into consideration when choosing their stores.  

Contactless payment systems, like the ones offered by Harbortouch, can help provide your customers – and employees – with a safe shopping or dining experience and instill a sense of trust and confidence that your brand is doing everything possible to protect their health.


Contactless Payment Systems Decrease Chances of Virus Transmission Says Harbortouch 

Harbortouch has worked with over 400,000 small to mid-sized retail businesses and restaurants across the country to help increase efficiency and reduce wait times. Now, contactless systems offer a benefit that used to take a backseat for most business owners – a decreased opportunity for germ transmission. 

Tap and pay systems and mobile wallets have been around for years, but now they’re having their moment, as contactless everything becomes a necessary adaptation to curb the spread of the pandemic. Cash has been shown to carry coronavirus and hard surfaces like those of plastic credit and debit cards are known offenders as well. Contactless payment systems decrease person-to-person transactions and slow the spread of COVID-19. 

Investing in contactless payment options also lets your guests and employees know that their health and safety is your number one priority. 

Tableside Ordering Increases Safety and Efficiency Says Harbortouch

With systems like Harbortouch Tableside, servers are able to put in orders and accept payments right at the table. These systems typically use a mobile device like a tablet to mirror the interface of the actual POS system. Instead of taking orders and then trekking all the way to the back of the restaurant to tell the kitchen or input it in a system, orders go in immediately. Saving a few minutes may feel minor, but those minutes per table add up when your server has ten tables. This improves the employee experience and the customer experience by streamlining ordering, reducing instances of inaccurate orders, and increasing table turnover. 

Tableside ordering also cuts down on the use of pen and paper which can harbor germs. And the increase in efficiency and accuracy helps soothe those customers who are already nervous about being physically in your restaurant in the first place. And the faster you turn tables, the more quickly you’ll be able to recoup your losses and accelerate your financial recovery. 

Online Ordering Can Increase Revenue Significantly Says Harbortouch

Whether you’re in the restaurant business or retail, giving your customers the option to order online increases opportunities to convert while also increasing your health and safety measures for customers and employees alike. There are many different systems, but when you use a service like Harbortouch Online Ordering, there is a typical process:

  • Someone orders online
  • A ticket is generated by the POS system
  • You fulfill the order and give updates on its status

These systems were originally designed to provide a seamless ordering experience for your employees and your customers, says Harbortouch. Now, it offers the added benefit of increasing your contactless payment and service options. People can order for delivery, curbside pickup, or direct pickup. These are all solutions that reduce the opportunity for germ transmission and lessen the likelihood that your employees or your customers will catch the coronavirus.  

How Can Contactless POS Systems Benefit Your Small Business? Harbortouch Experts Explain

As technology evolves, we are continually seeking new ways to simplify our daily tasks. Contactless payment systems strive to improve and streamline the purchasing process for your customers. However, contactless POS systems don’t just benefit the consumer – they also benefit your small business, says Harbortouch experts

What Is a Contactless Payment System? Harbortouch Explains.

Contactless point-of-sale (POS) systems allow you to pay for goods and services without the use of physical aids like a credit card, debit card, checkbook, or cash. Contactless payment is called “contactless” because the device you use to pay never physically touches the POS terminal. 

Traditionally, when you make a purchase at a store, you swipe or insert your card at the point-of-sale terminal. The chip or magnetic strip on your card contains all of your banking information. This information is read by the POS terminal and allows the store or restaurant to charge your account for the purchase, explains Harbortouch

Contactless POS Systems Make Transactions Safer, and More Secure Says Harbortouch

Unfortunately, magnetic strips were invented in 1950 and haven’t changed much since then. This makes them susceptible to fraud and tampering – it’s not difficult for hackers to steal your bank information. Chip cards were invented to protect your banking information further and are somewhat more secure than traditional magnetic strip cards. 

HarbortouchLike those provided by Harbortouch, contactless payment systems are the most secure way you can share electronic access to your payment information. It operates on near field communication (NFC) technology and uses radio frequency identification (RFID) to communicate with the POS terminal once it’s a certain distance away (usually a few centimeters). Your information is transmitted through RFID when you wave your device over the payment reader or tap it. 

What makes this more secure than other payment formats is the lack of private information involved. These are “authenticated payments” and are being run through your phone’s data encryption. Even if a hacker does steal this information, it would be useless to them, says Harbortouch representatives.  

Most contactless payment systems allow you to pay through smartphones, smartwatches, and other wearable devices with apps and digital wallets on them. Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay are all examples of contactless payment providers. 

And of course, there is increased safety offered through contactless payment systems for the customer during the pandemic. Not having to touch the sales terminal to sign or enter their pin is one less opportunity to transmit the virus.

Making your payment options safer and more secure can give your customers peace of mind and increase the value you offer. It can also save you, as a business owner, a lot of time, stress, and effort that goes into dealing with or disputing fraudulent payment claims. Contactless POS systems, like those available through Harbortouch, can offer a more secure shopping experience. 

Contactless Payment Systems Increase Efficiency Says Harbortouch

With a contactless payment system, you never have to wait for a PIN to be typed, a receipt to be signed, orHarbortouch change to be counted out. If you have high traffic daily or at specific peak times, you can improve customer experience by decreasing wait times and increasing service speed. 

This increased efficiency can also allow you to serve more customers. When you decrease transaction time and wait times, you increase your capacity for more sales! 

Harbortouch is a leading national supplier of POS systems for small to mid-sized businesses. They’ve served over 400,000 businesses across the country by helping them increase their sales and customer satisfaction and decrease their security incidents and wait times.

Harbortouch Discusses the Top Ways To Optimize Takeout and Delivery Orders During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Harbortouch Reviews Ways that Small Businesses Can Optimize their Delivery and Takeout Orders

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone, especially small businesses. Because many small businesses have been forced to close or reduce traffic at their physical locations in order to comply with public health regulations, many businesses are looking for ways to make up the lost revenue online.

Businesses should look for ways to optimize takeout and delivery service to make this process as painless as possible for their customers. Harbortouch specializes in helping small businesses meet the rising expectations of consumers, which is particularly important during the pandemic. Take a look at some of the top ways to optimize takeout and delivery service during this challenging time.

Harbortouch Knows that Safety is the Top Priority

One of the top tips that all restaurants need to follow during the pandemic is to make sure that their in-house operations have preventative measures built into place to ensure the safety of employees and customers. By putting preventative measures into place that will keep everyone healthy, this will not only protect the safety and well-being of employees and customers but also improve the bottom line. If employees start to get sick, this is going to directly impact the daily operations of the business. Furthermore, customers are going to have a greater degree of confidence ordering from restaurants that follow this Harbortouch tip.

Harbortouch Recommends Adjusting the Packaging

A simple adjustment such as adding extra layers to the packaging is going to boost consumer trust and confidence in the hygiene standards of the business. If there is an outer layer of packaging that can easily be removed by customers before they take their items into their homes, this is going to make their lives easier. This is also going to lead to greater sales even during COVID-19.

Harbortouch Discusses the Role of Online Ordering

Furthermore, a quick look at Harbortouch reviews is going to show that customers care about convenience. When it comes to online ordering services, Harbortouch can help. Harbortouch POS systems come with a free online ordering service, and are also integrated with numerous third-party online ordering platforms like UberEats, Doordash, Takeout7, and Menufy. Restaurant owners need to make sure they have convenient online ordering options to make it easy for their customers to place takeout and delivery orders.

Harbortouch Knows Collaboration Will Matter During the Pandemic

These are just a few of the top tips that small businesses should follow to improve the takeout and delivery experience. Adding communication tools, building an online presence, and implementing safety precautions can make a significant difference when it comes to efficiency and convenience.

Harbortouch Shares the Top Tips for Helping Out Small Businesses During COVID-19

Harbortouch Helps Small Businesses Navigate the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone, and it is important for small businesses to take steps to ensure they can operate safely. Here are a few tips that all small businesses should note as everyone tries to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

Harbortouch Knows That Communication Is Key

Communication is key to make customers feel comfortable coming to your business. Small businesses should reach out to their customers on a regular basis through social media and email marketing lists and provide updates to operating hours or any other changes.

Harbortouch can help small businesses with their communication by providing access to a customer database that allows business owners to keep in touch with their customers. 

Invest in Contactless Payments with Harbortouch

Harbortouch is also encouraging small businesses to embrace measures that will keep both customers and employees safe during the pandemic. In addition to social distancing, wearing masks, and encouraging hand washing on a regular basis, contactless payments play a big role in a safe customer experience. Contactless payments reduce the number of high-touch surfaces for small businesses and their patrons. As a result, contactless payments from Harbortouch can also help companies reduce the chances of viral transmission. 

Harbortouch Encourages Businesses To Build An Online Presence

It is also important for businesses to focus on building an online presence. In the past, when people were looking for products and services, they might have turned to radio spots and TV commercials. Now, people use the internet for help. 

Many people are going to read reviews and ratings of products before making purchasing decisions; even Harbortouch reviews matter. When small businesses take the time to build a strong online presence, they will have an easier time connecting with potential customers and clients. Think about not only the company’s website but also social media profiles as well.

Harbortouch Pushes for Financial Support for Small Businesses

Everyone is going through hard times financially and some sectors have been hit harder than others. Because of this, it is paramount that small businesses know what kind of support they can receive. To combat the pandemic, Shift4 Payments, Harbortouch’s parent company, has started the Shift4 Cares Initiative aiming to serve and support some of the hardest-hit businesses by raising over $200 million dollars. This program is quite simple: all you have to do is purchase a gift card for a favorite local restaurant on the Shift4 Cares web page. For whatever dollar amount gift card purchased, Shift4 will contribute an additional 5% of that total directly to the restaurant. This program is an excellent way to give back to your local community. If you’re a restaurant owner and want to be listed on the site, Harbortouch can help you with that as well.

Rely on the Experts at Harbortouch

These are just a few of the numerous tips that small business owners should follow during the COVID-19 pandemic. As we all navigate this challenging situation, it’s reassuring to have an expert to provide you with important information.

Harbortouch Discusses the Benefits of Contactless Payments

There Are Many Small Businesses Investing in Contactless Payments Through Harbortouch and its Innovative Point of Sale Systems

 During the past few years, there have been a number of technological developments that have changed the way small businesses conduct their daily operations. One of these trends has been the development of contactless payments from companies such as Harbortouch. Contactless technology has become increasingly critical this year as COVID has accelerated consumer preferences towards touch less interactions. 

Harbortouch Provides an Overview of Contactless Payment Options

There are numerous forms of contactless payments, with the most popular being Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and QR Code based payment methods. Contactless NFC payments can be conducted with an NFC-enabled credit card or with a smartphone. Smartphones utilize mobile wallets such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay to complete the NFC payment. With QR Code payments, the customer scans a QR (Quick Response) code on the receipt or displayed on a payment terminal screen to complete the transaction in their phone’s web browser.

Highlighting the Advantages of Contactless Payments from Harbortouch

There are a number of major advantages offered by contactless payments from companies such as Harbortouch. Some of the biggest benefits to note include:

Speed: One of the biggest advantages of using contactless payments is that they are faster. It has been estimated that contactless payments have the potential to be completed within 15 seconds. Furthermore, contactless payments work about twice as quickly as normal cards. Transactions are completed at a faster rate. Therefore, turnover will improve, queues will not build up, and customers will be more satisfied. 

Safety: Anything that can be done to reduce contact between customers and employees is going to keep both parties safer. Therefore, when small businesses invest in contactless payment options, customers are going to see that the business is prioritizing the clients’ safety. This can go a long way toward improving customer loyalty and stabilizing the revenue of small businesses during these challenging times. These are just a few of the numerous advantages that contactless payments for small businesses can provide.

Harbortouch Continues to Push the Envelope of Small Business Technologies

This is just a brief overview of some of the most important benefits that contactless payments from Harbortouch can provide. Given the major role that technology plays in the daily operations of small businesses, it is important for all small business owners to invest in the latest technological devices to ensure they are able to maintain an edge on the competition. Contactless payments are going to become more important given the rising expectations of both new and current customers. It is critical for small business owners to learn more about this technology from Harbortouch and read a few Harbortouch reviews to become familiar with some of the advantages of this novel payment system — which the company offers for free with their point-of-sale systems. 

Harbortouch Offers Reduced Contract Terms From 3 Years to 1 Year

Harbortouch changes contract terms from three years to one year in an attempt to help merchants succeed.

 Harbortouch point of sale (POS) software has helped more than 400,000 small to mid-size businesses stay organized and profitable for more than 20 years. Recently, the company unveiled that it would be shortening its contract terms to make commitment easier on small and mid-size business. Ultimately, the goal is to help more small and mid-size businesses succeed despite the economic difficulties the coronavirus pandemic is causing. 

Harbortouch has confirmed that the company will be reducing all contract terms from three-year agreements to one-year agreements. This applies to all Merchant Agreements and POS Service Agreements, effective as of July 1, 2020. Already have a Harbortouch account? This reduction in contract terms applies to you as well. Even more, the company will be removing all Early Termination Fees (ETFs) for all new and existing agreements. 

Harbortouch reviews have long been positive among merchants, but these changes are expected to put the company in even higher standing with its clients. Few companies providing POS software and other merchant services offer such flexible terms. In fact, this is expected to be a major difference amongst companies offering POS systems and end-to-end payment solutions. Nearly all of the competing companies require significantly longer contract terms and extremely costly early termination fees.

The Harbortouch company stated that this change is meant to show the company’s confidence in the value of their software and services. They are confident that long, binding contracts and costly fees aren’t required, because the software and services themselves will keep merchants returning year after year. This is also shown in the positive Harbortouch reviews clients are constantly leaving regarding the success of the POS system and merchant services. 

Harbortouch has been serving businesses for more than 20 years, and the company’s track record is impeccable. Harbortouch reviews show that customers are pleased with the affordability of the POS system and merchant services, which with other companies, are a major expense for small to midsize businesses. Harbortouch offers a ground-breaking, free POS system that truly helps businesses succeed by keeping costs low, providing unbeatable customer service, offering secure payment methods, and so much more. 

The new, reduced contract terms and elimination of ETFs are just another step the Harbortouch company is taking to aid small to midsize businesses. Such businesses are seeing this as a major assistance during the difficult times of the coronavirus pandemic. There’s no doubt businesses seeking lower POS software and merchant service costs with unbeatable service and useful tools should consider Harbortouch to reduce company overhead while increasing profits. 


Moving To Takeout And Delivery Only? Experts At POS Giant Harbortouch Weigh In

COVID-19 Changing Your Business Model? Check Out These Tips From Harbortouch

As your business moves from serving customers in-person to takeout and delivery services to accommodate COVID-19 regulations, Harbortouch has some tips to help you make an easy transition. Harbortouch POS systems are the perfect solution to all your takeout and delivery needs. 

Experts at Harbortouch recommend offering contactless delivery to your customers. It’s a good idea to have a contactless delivery option on both your website and your mobile app. This allows customers to pay in advance, minimizing the risk of contact between your delivery driver and your customer. 

Harbortouch also recommends contactless pickup. Paying in advance via the Harbortouch POS system limits the need for direct physical contact between customers and employees. Customers can walk in and pick up their order, without having to physically interact with the staff. Having a designated pick up area makes it easy for customers to retrieve their order without confusion. 

Harbortouch also recommends reassuring customers about your food safety routines. Letting customers know that you sick employees home immediately and are limiting store hours to allow for deep sanitization of surfaces can go a long way in helping them feel comfortable as they continue to patronize your restaurant. If possible for your location,  it’s a good idea to let customers know your business’ work-from-home policy and how it applies to employees as they coordinate delivery orders.

According to Harbortouch experts, this is a great time to try out new specials on your customers. Many customers are looking to support local restaurants, but aren’t sure where to turn. Offering specials that you wouldn’t normally try is a great way to bring customers into your business. Offering gift card deals for a future in-person restaurant visit (after the crisis has cleared) can be a great way to keep business moving for months to come. 

Overall, Harbortouch recommends simply keeping in regular communication with your customers. These times are difficult for all of us, and customers want to know how they can support your business. Increasing the number of times that you reach out (through email or text) can be a great way to ensure that you pop up in your customer’s mind when they’re trying to decide what to order for dinner tonight. 


Harbortouch: Marketing Methods Helps Companies Stay Solvent During the Pandemic

As the coronavirus spreads and businesses suffer significant losses during statewide shutdowns, it may feel hard for some companies to justify their marketing. However, Harbortouch believes that now is the time to focus the heaviest on marketing. Their techniques could help a company stay afloat during this crisis and walk them back from the brink of potential bankruptcy.

Marketing Methods Suggested by Harbortouch

Harbortouch is a POS system firm with years of experience providing a myriad of different marketing options to their customers. Harbortouch’s marketing professionals recently outlined a multitude of techniques and tips that companies can use to market to their customers during this trying period. The first suggestion is to use social media to connect directly with customers affected by the pandemic.

For example, sharing inspiring messages on Facebook, doing giveaways via Twitter, or sharing positive memes on Instagram all help to make a company appear caring and hopeful. Harbortouch believes that these positive messages are what people affected by this crisis need the most. By creating a positive atmosphere, a company is said to be more likely to stay in the mind of its customers long after the crisis is over.

Harbortouch also suggests pulling back from physical advertising, such as billboards and radio marketing. Instead, focus heavily on creating digital content. The internet is being stretched to its limits with more people using it daily while stuck at home. As a result, Harbortouch suggests amping up digital marketing during this period, including enhancing your SEO processes and your content creation.

In particular, they believe that connecting your company to the current crisis is a powerful way of standing out and making connections. For example, Harbortouch suggests creating a “What We’re Doing to Help” page that highlights every step a business is taking to handle the pandemic. They also recommend posting tips and techniques for getting through this together.

Generic messages, such as washing hands and staying distant, are okay to share. However, Harbortouch suggests creating more specific suggestions, such as creating a system for tracking your goods and providing customers with an up-to-date measure of how many items you have available. Such steps help to reassure your customers and make it easier for them to get what they need from you.

Lastly, Harbortouch suggests paying attention to your page count numbers and upgrading your content as needed. Getting rid of old and ineffective pages will enhance your SEO presence and make it easier for your customers to find you online. Also, make sure that you keep a consistently positive tone, but be honest with your customers. Harbortouch believes that honesty is critical during this challenging time and that your goal, as a business, should be not only to calm your customers but to give them a stronger sense of stability. 



Harbortouch Showcases The Best POS Systems for Your Restaurant

Finding the right POS system for your restaurant can be a challenge. This is why Harbortouch is here to provide you with some information on finding the best POS system out there. 

With the right POS system for your business, you will experience improved productivity, better restaurant management, and customers will experience superior customer service. Harbortouch recommends that you take note of what your restaurant needs before you begin shopping for a POS solution. Without further ado, here are some of the best POS systems that you can choose from on the marketplace.

One of Harbortouch’s favorite POS systems is TouchBistro. This all in one POS system can help you easily upsell your products inside of your restaurant. One of its best features allows you to scale the POS system depending on the size of your restaurant. Harbortouch knows the importance of having an application that can scale depending on your needs. Fortunately, Harbortouch recommends this POS system to be your go-to whenever you need the most reliable system on the market as it was considered the Best Restaurant POS system for 2018 and 2019. There are even pricing bundles available that can be tailor-fit to your budget.

Harbortouch’s second recommendation would be Shopkeep. This simple and very flexible software is one of the best tools that you can utilize for smaller businesses. Harbortouch knows that not every business needs a large and bloated POS system to function properly. Shopkeep currently has an A+ BBB rating and provides you with a flat monthly fee. Harbortouch recommends that small businesses who are working on a budget use Shopkeep to help fix their POS system.

Finally, Upserve is the last vendor that Harbortouch recommends for your business. While some of these other POS systems were made with generalized retail in mind, Upserve was specifically designed to aid the food industry and it’s completely customizable. Upserve provides cloud-compatibility for all of its features and with an intuitive operating system. Upserve is definitely worth considering if you want a POS system that can help you improve your restaurant‘s productivity.



Harbortouch Explains SMS Marketing: How it Works and Why Restaurants Should Be Texting Their Customers

The next big wave of strategic marketing tools for restaurants is text messaging, according to Harbortouch, a leading provider of point-of-sale (POS) solutions. But what exactly is this new type of marketing, how does it work, and how should restaurants be using it?

Short-message service marketing, better known as SMS marketing, is one of the fastest-rising strategies in marketing and customer engagement, according to POS solutions provider Harbortouch. It simply involves sending text messages to get more business. Many restaurants in larger cities are using this marketing strategy, but it’s not something you’ll very much in smaller towns.

The Harbortouch team says marketing is all about getting people in the door, whether that’s a brick-and-mortar store or the home page of an online business. Plus, with the vast majority of people owning cell phones and the rising popularity of loyalty mobile-app programs, restaurants have a direct line of communication to many of their customers. They should be taking advantage of every marketing strategy available to them.

SMS marketing campaigns involve sending text messages in real time to customers about your business. It’s especially helpful when you have news-based messages to send, such as a limited-time sale or a new product or menu item you want to release to the public. It’s also a great way to collect feedback as the software can send a text message to the guest as soon as they leave the establishment thanking them for visiting or asking about their experience. Harbortouch says restaurants can even use SMS marketing to set up reservations with your recurring customer base.

Businesses can also use SMS marketing methods internally to streamline and automate various staffing procedures, according to Harbortouch. For example, if you need to find an employee to cover a last-minute shift, you can create a customized message for that particular situation. Then, when that situation comes up again, you can just send it to a specific group of staff members to get the quickest response. There are countless other practical uses when implementing this technology. Essentially, it can be used for any correspondence you need to disperse on a large scale.

SMS marketing is one of the newer forms of marketing, and Harbortouch has seen first-hand the positive impression it makes on the customer, saying that it makes the customer really feel like you care about them.

In terms of options, Harbortouch says there are a few variations of SMS marketing platforms. Normally, the software sends messages out to your entire text list at once, as opposed to sending out texts one at a time. Some software programs for restaurants come supplied with pre-written marketing messages, which save an enormous amount of time. Getting set up with SMS marketing is relatively easy, although you may need to know some minor programming. There are several companies that will get you set up for a one-time fee and help manage your marketing campaigns, or you can purchase the software and learn it yourself.

Either way, SMS marketing is not slowing down, and it’s a method that restaurants can use to put themselves one step ahead of their competition and put their brand at the forefront of their customers’ minds.