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10 of the Best Help Desk Software Solutions for Small Business

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What is the most effective help desk software option for small-sized businesses?

The top help desk software solution for small-sized businesses is Freshdesk. It’s a complete and high-performance solution that allows multiple channels including knowledge base management along with ticket and knowledge base management. Furthermore, it includes automated workflow tools that can streamline help desk procedures.

Because customer service is frequently the competitive edge in a market that is competitive small and emerging companies are now able to reap the benefits of low-cost help desk software solutions against larger competitors.

What combination of features should you be considering and what terms should you be aware of? Which are the best products to check out first? To help you narrow down your search we’ve put together this list of the most popular help desk software designed for small-sized enterprises. It will help you to compare the key attributes and unique features of each vendor’s top choices and swiftly discover one that is compatible with your needs as a business.

What are the top 20 help desk software options for small businesses?

Many companies believe they offer excellent customer service, however research indicates the opposite many customers believe they are receiving poor service. Businesses that we’re able to close the gap in customer service had the ability to achieve success and gain more loyal customers.

Significant investments are being made to improve the customer experience, like making use of help desk software to enhance customer service quality, is growing with firms.

There are some aspects to be considered when searching for the best help desk software. The most important features to look for are customer management and user interface and ticket management collaboration, security, and integrations, for instance.

It is also possible to read this detailed guide on the features of help desk software can do for if you require an update or learn the basics of this software class.

1. Freshdesk

Freshdesk can be described as the most popular help desk software option for small and medium-sized companies. Its powerful software is loaded with crucial and sophisticated features to provide your customer service, at the most affordable and cost-effective price. The most important features include self-service, ticketing automation, customized reports, collaboration analytics, as well as the multichannel helpdesk.

The application is user-friendly and simple to use. So you as well as the members of your help desk team won’t need to spend time learning to navigate through the system and then benefit from the service. The plans are perfect for small-sized businesses since they can be scalable to meet the demands of business as the business expands. The company even provides a no-cost plan with the use of an unlimited number of employees with basic customer service features. If you want to determine if the software meets your needs, enroll for a free trial of 21 days to try the software and try its features in person without committing to anything.

A place where Freshdesk excels is in its dashboards. You have all-encompassing access to your contact information, ticket forums, and reports, as well as forums, reports, and other information. Tickets that remain unresolved or unassigned, due, on the hold, or open can be easily seen through the dashboard so that you can make sure your team doesn’t miss all requests and tickets. All conversations are recorded in one location and all support-related communication is centralized so that your team can address issues in a team and improve productivity.

Freshdesk now comes with Sandboxes that provide an opportunity for testing to allow administrators to test new functions and settings within the application, without affecting any agent or customer. The brand-new Freshdesk audit log will keep you updated on what’s happening at the support desk and lets you effortlessly keep track of major modifications to your desk. The audit log also includes social signals that use AI which scans the internet in search of relevant tweets for your support team. You can also use it as a “to-do” list that reminds the team and you members of customer calls and other tasks that are important to complete.

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2. SysAid

SysAid is a help desk as well as IT Service Management software that integrates asset management, automation, and business intelligence on one single platform. It comes with all the vital tools to manage IT support, including a ticket management chat system, chat benchmarking for industry IT asset management, and much more. The software also offers an online self-service portal that allows users can send tickets, view IT announcements, make requests for services and browse the knowledge base for themselves.

Another noteworthy feature is Sysaid’s automation function. This feature allows repetitive and manual tasks can be automatized, which reduces the workload of the service desk agents, giving them the ability to concentrate on more effective tasks.

Furthermore, SysAid lets you customize incident forms to create more precise reports. For example, you can explain to the IT team the importance of the issue. For more common problems it is possible to utilize a pre-populated Service Record template or load it based on the type of issue that is specified within the incident ticket.

3. Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud provides Salesforce’s solution to the issues of customer support for businesses that are of any size, including small-sized businesses. The software comes with a myriad of features to help you track everything from the status of support requests to routing queries. It consolidates requests for service across multiple channels into one place so that you can categorize them, sort, and manage these requests more efficiently. Furthermore, it includes excellent tools for managing contacts that can help to improve the vital customer support team KPIs and metrics.

What is it that makes Salesforce Service Cloud really stand out is its ease of use. The setup process is easy because you can utilize it right out of the box. Learning how to make use of it is also simple thanks to Trailhead which is an official Salesforce online learning platform that includes Service Cloud modules. The application is also scalable which makes it a perfect option to help you along your journey to expand your small-scale business later. Einstein AI’s Einstein AI comes in handy by automatizing a lot of your routine tasks and allowing you to complete more tasks in less time and concentrate on important elements of the business.

The comprehensive solution provides users with tools for case management and process automatization, Omnichannel Routing analytics and call center management, and telephone integration. In addition, it lets users create self-service portals to use. In terms of pricing, the company currently has three plans available which can cater to small teams as well as enterprise-level users.

4. Freshservice

Freshservice is the service desk designed to provide IT support. Teams are able to utilize the service as its user interface is easy to use and contemporary. Therefore, no training is needed. It can also be customized to meet the requirements of IT as well as support for non-IT. The multi-channel support system automates tasks and resolves problems raised by support channels, including chat, email, phone, and in-person portals. It’s loaded with features including the management of incidents, assets reporting, service catalogs integrations, and gamification.

Support staff who are on the move can offer support through the mobile service desk application to Android or iOS devices. The plans offered by Freshservice are ideal for small-sized businesses since it’s designed for teams that are small or growing. It is possible to use the free service if you’ve got up to three agents and 100 users.

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With the latest enhancements, users can now make use of APIs to make lists, create and view, edit, and edit locations. As part of its project management feature, All-time entries will be tracked in the activities that are part of the project. For asset management, access controls for groups can be implemented. For example, asset management can assign assets to groups, and agents that belong to the same group will be the ones who have permission to modify or view the assets. Support for new regions to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) integration is now available and includes Seoul, Ohio, Mumbai, Beijing, and Ningxia.

5. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is an intelligent contextually aware help desk solution that offers solutions for agents, customers, and managers. Customers receive prompt responses in a user-friendly way. Agents are equipped with the tools to boost efficiency and offer quality service. Managers receive data-driven information for making informed decisions. Furthermore, it helps automate repetitive tasks so that your staff can concentrate on tasks that are most important to them.

It analyzes performance metrics efficiently to help you discover patterns and trends within your team. This can help you make plans for improvement to increase performance. It comes with key features like the multi-brand help center and multi-channel support and department management, contract management, and role-based controls, and it’s an effective solution for help desk procedures of small companies. It’s also priced on a per-agent basis. It even comes with a free trial plan that can be used that allows as many as three agents.

Zia is an upgraded artificial intelligence that is context-driven, an innovative Zoho Desk product that offers numerous critical support functions, including the recognition of anomalies and sentiment analysis. Zia also integrates with ASAP, Zoho Desk’s self-service tool, to guide users in the look for solutions. Zoho recently also introduced an innovative process management tool named Blueprint to help agents develop processes that will provide a more stable, efficient, and secure customer experience.

6. Wix Answers

Wix Answers is an across-the-board help desk stage that is loaded with savvy devices like a multi-channel tagging framework, worked-in call community, information base, and different elements that you want to give productive and opportune client service, free of charge. Since every one of its functionalities are now coordinated inside the business driving Wix foundation, you should rest assured that you’ll have the option to convey the right and convenient help desk arrangement that you really want, and, surprisingly, substantially more.

Very much like while building a Wix site, setting up your own Wix Answers help desk is simple and can be finished in no time flat, in any event, for non-tech clients. Whenever you’ve picked a format, you really want to tweak its highlights to match your image, coordinate the required articles, distribute it, and you have an exquisite and practical help desk of your own, without costing you a dime.

Wix Answers’ information base apparatus permits you to promptly construct and oversee guides, item data, FAQs, and other library resources. Its multi-channel support ticket framework empowers you to effectively deal with client concerns and accomplish speedy issue goals. You could in fact implant a gadget in any space inside your help desk entryway with the goal that your clients can self-serve themselves while looking for replies to their inquiries in their own comfort.

Wix Answers is likewise truly adaptable and versatile to suit your particular requirements. It as of late added the ability for help desk specialists and care staff to open tickets in the interest of their clients. This creative element permits your group to expect a more proactive job in settling real issues that have arisen in any event, when your clients have not conveyed them straightforwardly to you and your group. Having the option to settle an issue before it influences your clients doesn’t just help you diminish the number of tickets, it likewise helps you increment consumer loyalty.

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7. HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub gives the devices important to a more coordinated, productive, and frictionless client care. A total business suite offers work in mechanization and detailing highlights, permitting you to transform client talk and messages into tickets. The software allows you to coordinate, focus, target, and resolve your tickets.

With strong client support apparatuses, HubSpot Service Hub helps you associate with your possibilities and transform them into steadfast clients. One especially convenient component is the discussions inbox, which turns your email inboxes, live talk, structures, and virtual entertainment discussions into tickets and places them in a single general inbox.

ServiceHub likewise accompanies strong computerization apparatuses for ticket steering, heightening, and task creation. Furthermore, computerized input reactions give you an early advantage in your promoting techniques. You can likewise involve the live talk capability for context-oriented and customized discussions with your clients.

As a component of the HubSpot suite, Service Hub functions admirably with the other HubSpot instruments like Marketing Hub and Sales Hub. Together, they make up the entire HubSpot CRM framework, which gives you complete functionalities to help consumer loyalty and further develop business productivity.

8. Atera

Atera is a simple to-utilize, across-the-board help desk suite intended to help IT experts and oversaw specialist co-ops address their remote observing and the executive’s and expert administrations’ mechanization needs. Alongside its instinctive tagging, charging, and detailing functionalities, Atera empowers you to intently team up with your clients and deal with their interests easily.

As a total IT at the board stage, you can have complete command over the whole range of your business. Atera permits you to remotely oversee and screen the IT foundations of your SMB clients, computerize their frameworks, and resolve their concerns as they arise, which empowers cost-reserve funds and keeps them from deteriorating.

With Atera, you can have the choice of making tickets in different ways, for your IT support group and your clients. Each ticket is immediately matched up between your Atera stage and your client’s Customer Portal, which ensures continuous correspondence. The Customer Portal likewise includes an information base that upholds self-administration among your clients, helps further hurry issue goal, upgrade your IT group’s skill, and further develop your clients’ client experience.

9. Decent inContact CXone

Decent inContact CXone is a main client experience stage that helps contact focuses give incredible client encounters all through the client venture. This cloud-based arrangement helps organizations assemble consistent client encounters for better consumer loyalty. Decent inContact CXone can be utilized for business process reevaluating as well as for retail, medical care, and philanthropic associations, and the sky is the limit from there.

The open cloud foundation of CXone comprises numerous parts. Its computerized self-administration part includes conversational AI and chatbots that can act like every minute of everyday virtual specialists. In the interim, the excursion coordination item helps specialists offer customized assistance to clients in light of their set of experiences, setting, and conduct type, and that’s just the beginning.

Then again, the labor force commitment module of CXone helps call focus administrators to estimate business requests. It likewise keeps them sensitive to hierarchical objectives while supporting specialists through instructing and gamification procedures. CXone likewise has a client examination part that utilizes AI to investigate client discussions to drive improved results. Simulated intelligence is likewise a vital part in their computerization arrangement, which utilizes virtual chaperons and bots to duplicate the strength of your labor force. This multitude of arrangements is housed on a stage that can be coordinated with your CRM and Unified correspondences as a Service (UCaaS). Making your own custom mixes is likewise conceivable through RESTful APIs.

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10. vtenext

vtenex is a CRM software with help desk capacities that helps organizations consolidate their CRM with promoting, deals, and after-deals in a single stage. With vtenext, organizations can productively gather leads, oversee business processes, and robotize administration processes. vtenext can be utilized by organizations of all sizes and can be utilized in different ventures, including energy, designing, and drugs, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

One of the fundamental highlights of vtenext is advertising capacities permit clients to make crusades and oversee leads. Clients can be positive about the manner in which the merchant processes their information as the arrangement is consistent with General Data Protection Regulation. Above all, the CRM part of the arrangement can give omnichannel backing to clients. Along these lines, groups can help clients whether they send it from their site, mail, telephone, or different stations. With the arrangement, they can course the solicitation to the fitting division and direction with others for its brief goal.

The designers of vtenext make sure that outside clients are dealt with, yet in addition inner clients. With its HR the board abilities, clients can oversee representative information, make custom preparation designs, and work with onboarding. Furthermore, with its open-source system, it very well may be effectively coordinated with different arrangements.

Aspects to Take into Account When Selecting a Desk Software. Desk Software

The majority of the top platforms discussed here are perfect examples of what a perfect help desk service should include: features that are easy to set up as well as a pleasant customer experience. an intuitive interface for customers and agents, customized reports, extensive integrations, mobile applications, multi-channel support, an adequate knowledge base and automatic help with ticketing, and easy customization for brands. It is also possible to search for help desk ticket systems comparisons to determine which are the best fit for your needs.

We suggest you try the best options however it doesn’t mean that you should ignore the other help desk software items on the list. There is always the software solution that’s not just ideal for your business but has capabilities that improve your operation and will help in expanding customer satisfaction. This is the reason it’s strongly recommended that prior to you decide to purchase that help desk system for your company you follow certain best practices in selecting the right platform. They include:

  1. Assess the requirements of your company
  2. Determine your budget
  3. Join for a no-cost trial so that you can experience the features in person
  4. Check the KPIs by comparing before and after scenarios

A thorough business assessment is required to help you identify the problems your small business has to face and which part of the customer service processes you wish to improve or fill the gaps. You can also explore the features that are robust in the current top help desk application such as when you sign up to avail of a Freshdesk Free trial.

It is also possible to read this article about the function of a help desk for business in case you want to know the fundamentals of help desk software.

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